Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My teaching style is a blend of "traditional" and non-traditional. By traditional I mean
that I usually do start out new students on a basic reading/theory book such as Mel Bay One
or Ronnie Lee One especially younger students, however my "non-traditional" approach is that I try and get the student to play the instrument right away using EASY TO UNDERSTAND CHARTS AND TABLATURE for both chords and scales. I see no reason or benefit on spending limited lesson time every week on just teaching the new student how to read when there are so many options and ways to learn. Yes reading is important, but it takes many years to become proficient at it. Those months and years can be spent on learning how to play in addition to learning how to read standard musical notation.

For most beginner to intermediate students I use a threefold approach;
1) Reading/Theory
2) Scales/Lead/Improvisation
3) Chords/Songs

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting Started

Well I've decided to venture into the blog world. This is going to be dedicated to my music business i.e. teaching,recording,gigging and songwriting. This will probably be temporary until I can design a true website because some of the things I have in mind will require a lot of bandwidth. But who knows where this will lead!!